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Join Nasohu & his friends in "Story" a fictional novel taking place in the year 5017 (3000 years in the future) where Ishanzai Corp. scientists succeeded in creating human/artificial intelligence hybrids called "Artabars", suddenly an even known as "Fusion-wave" began to open wormholes in three parallel universes. Eventually leading the Ahmad Mateen Ishanzais (later known as Blood-Heart & Zlix Icez) in two of them believe that they're the savers of their people & starting to brain wash them leading to the creations of two new races "the Blood-clones" & the Reflection-clones". The Ahmad from the third parallel universe lost all of his memories as a result of an unknown even. Now Andrew Matthew Ishtique (a.k.a. Ahmad from the third parallel universe) must journey to along side his team in hopes to find Andrew's lost memories & stop all of their evil enemies. Story plot written by Ahmad M. Ishanzai

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